Bradley Smoker


Bradley Smoker® has been perfecting the art of smoking foods for  three decades. The automated wood dispensing system helps you to achieve the perfect smoke, stress free, every time. Using an automatic smoker means you can create delicious smoked food, without standing around outside for hours tending to it. Now with 6 new Bradley Premium Bisquettes flavours, along with the original 12 types of hardwood Bisquettes, you can achieve the perfect smoky taste with the additional flavour of herbs.

About Bradley Smoker®

Bradley Smoker® is a North American brand that specializes in premium meat and food smoking products, including electric smokers, wood bisquettes, cures, and smoking accessories. Whether you’re a foodie, a sportsman, an outdoors type, or a chef, food smoking is a great way to enhance the flavor of homemade food and add that extra special taste.

Bradley Smoker Range available in NZ:

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